Gorillas Fall in First Game


Emma Thomas, journalist

The Gregory Gorillas Boys’ Basketball Team played Mt. Vernon/Plankinton in Gregory on Friday Dec. 13. In the first half, the Gorillas fell behind leaving the score 25-36. After half time, the Gorillas still were trailing the Titians by sixteen points, but in the fourth quarter, the gorillas scored 24 points making the game close but not close enough. The MVP Titians beat the gorillas by 6 points leaving the score to be 57-63.

Sophomore Coy Determan was the top scorer of the night, scoring 25 points with a 33% shooting percentage. Trailing behind him, senior Tommy Determan scored 11 points. The team shot 16 out of 24 free throws, for 67%. They made ten out of 51 two pointers, for 20%. The boys made seven out of 23 three pointers, for 30%. Bryan Eagle Star had 12 rebounds, and T. Determan had seven. The team had 33 rebounds total and 11 steals.

“I think it was a good game, but we came out a little excited. We made some unforced errors and it cost us the game,” said senior Tommy Determan.

Stay tuned, and come support the Gregory Gorillas as they head to Springview to defeat Rock County on Saturday.