Storm Places First at Miller but loses by One Point to Chamberlain in Dual

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Storm Places First at Miller but loses by One Point to Chamberlain in Dual

Ivy Zimmerman, Journalist

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On Saturday Burke/Gregory Storm traveled to Miller for the Miller/Highmore-Harold tournament. The Storm team won a total of 211 points winning the tournament. Wessington Springs/Woonsocket/Wolsey Wessington team had a total of 167 points coming in third. Phillip Area placed second with 187.5.

On Tuesday Jan., 8 the team traveled to Chamberlain for a dual against the Chamberlain Cubs. With the team losing by one 37-36. Sophomore Rhoss Oliver came home with a win after injuring Ruger Forester. He said, “I felt his knee crack like seventeen times and then it snapped; then I got up and he lay there complaining with his leg flapping in a 90 degree angle.”

Wrestler Weight
Owen Hansen 106
won Andrew Even Fall 1:05
won Brandon Bosworth TF 18-3 6:00
won Joey Hoverson TF 16-1 5:40
won Jagger Tyler MD 9-1
Kort Schonebaum 113
lost Lane Miller Fall 1:16
won Alex Stein Inj. [time]
lost Riley Roberts
Mason Peck 120
lost Lance Soukup Fall 0:17
lost Zach Eklund Fall 0:43
Zach Eklund 120
lost Kieffer Klinkhammer Fall 3:16
won Mason Peck Fall 0:43
won Tanner Frickson Inj. [time]
lost Lucas Kannegieter Dec 9-2
Mason Hood 126
lost Blade Forman Fall 3:31
won Forfeit For
won Leighton Weber Fall 1:59
won Dylan Hagberg Dec 4-0
lost Bradyn Lhotak MD 11-0
Brady Petterson 132
lost Blair Blasius Fall 1:56
lost Dominic Constant Fall 4:22
lost Bain Kuhlman Fall 1:38
Jordan Vosika 138
won Tate Hoffman Dec 9-4
lost McCoy Peterson Fall 0:22
won Parker Eldeen MD11-2
lost Carsten McNeil Dec 4-2
Gunnar Stephens 145
won Devon Medricky Fall 1:35
lost Luke Murray Fall 1:26
lost Tate Schulte Dec 6-0
Luke Murray 145
won Tate Schulte Dec 8-3
lost Mason Fey Fall 3:00
won Zanto Centeno Fall 1:51
won Gunnar Stephens Fall 1:26
lost Ty Beyer Fall 2:03
won Seth Heindenrich Fall 4:22
Caleb Stukel 152
won Matthew McCloud Fall 0:32
lost Alex Aesoph Fall 5:23
won Grayson DeVries Fall 3:39
lost Blake Eldeen Dec 4-1
lost Eric Klanchnik Fall 2:24
Frank Even 152
won Grayson DeVries Fall 1:38
won Corbin Schwartz Fall 4:57
won Hunter Pranger SV-1 5-3
lost Alex Aesoph MD 11-0
Finn Hanson 160
won Kash Weischedel Fall 1:39
won Charlie Patten Fall 2:30
won Tegun Spring Dec 9-4
lost Dylan Whitley Dec 5-2
Dimitri Davis 160
lost Reece Risseeuw Fall 3:08
lost Landon Wolter Fall 3:29
Tucker Even 160
won Jack Even Fall 2:51
won Brandon Gehrke Fall 5:55
lost Dylan Whitley Dec 10-4
won Tyler Eddy Fall 4:36
lost Brandon Gehrke Fall 1:52
Tyler Murray 170
won Sean Domke Fall 0:50
won Seth Tebay Fall 2:58
lost Tanner Even Fall 1:15
won Cole Pranger Dec 13-6
lost Gage Carter Fall 4:02
Jeremiah Beck 182
won Grady O’Neil Fall 0:32
won Drew Masat Fall 3:35
won Cody Donnelly Dec 7-4
lost Caleb Orris Fall 2:33
Taron Serr 182
lost Isaac Feldhaus Fall 1:12
won Forfeit For.
lost Regan Bollweg MD 13-5
Rhoss Oliver 220
won Teigen Hadrick Fall 0:15
won Jesse Walton Fall 2:29
lost Wyatt Locke Fall 2:29
Ethan Dargatz 285
won Forfeit For.
won Kellen Cassidy Fall 1:47
won Henry Eichstadt Fall 1:36
lost Dawson Lensing Dec 5-3

Chamberlain Dual
Wrestler Weight
Owen Hansen 106
won Trey Neilan MD 9-1
Kort Schonebaum 113
lost Max Donovan Fall 1:03
Zach Eklund 120
lost Dominic Santiago MD 11-3
Mason Hood 126
lost Collin Powell Fall 2:58
Brady Petterson 132
lost Gabe Skustad Fall 1:28
Jordan Vosika 138
won Cody Skustad SV-1 4-2
Luke Murray 145
won Garret Ristau Fall 1:28
Frank Even 152
lost Noah Hutmacher Fall 1:05
Finn Hanson 160
lost Remmington Rossow MD 16-4
Tyler Murray 170
won Kordel Chmela Fall 3:47
Taron Serr 182
lost Jasiah Thompson Fall 2:33
Jeremiah Beck 195
won Will Mahnke Fall 0:30
Rhoss Oliver 220
won Ruger Forester Inj. [time]
Ethan Dargatz 285
lost Nash Hutmacher Fall 1:07

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