A Step Towards a Brighter Future


Shayna Cornemann

In the spring of 2013 Gregory School applied for a grant that would provide $46,000 for new physical education equipment for the elementary school. To accept the grant Gregory School has to use pedometers. The pedometers were not originally part of the agreement but were later added. They are used to measure the activity level of students. The school plans to increase the activity level as the school year continues. Three times a year the elementary and junior high students are required to wear them from 8:15 to 3:00 every day for a week.

Nutrition also takes part in this grant. The elementary students are required to record all of the fruits and vegetables they eat throughout the week.

The goal of these activities is to increase awareness of childhood nutrition and the importance of physical activity. The P.E. teacher Mr. Webster will decide when the school will receive the new equipment and what they will receive.