Gorillas Come Up Short

Cody Kafka

Yesterday the boy’s varsity basketball team traveled to Chamberlain that ended with the Cubs winning 52-33. Jaden Bartling led the team last night with 14 points, followed by Andrew Taggart with six. Taggart was at the top of the list with four rebounds and two steals.


Senior Jaden Bartling commented,” We played a great team last night and I’m proud of the way the team performed. The Score board shows a different game than what it was actually like considering we were tied at halftime.”


The boy’s next game will be against Kimball/ WhiteLake on Thursday, January 17, in Kimball.


                        Q1       Q2       Q3       Q4       Final

Gregory            11        8          7          7          33

Chamberlain     8          13        14        17        52