Is Juuling as Safe as Some Think?


Brynn Hylla, Journalist

Over 28,000 kids in the world are juuling; most of whom are in high school and middle school. Kids do it because they like the feeling of a buzz. But what are the consequences?
A juul pod contains 20 cigarettes of nicotine, and is easy to get addicted to. Some kids go through a pack of pods a day.

A juul is only $20, so kids are able to afford it. A pack of pods are also $20. If addicted, kids can go through a pack of pods a day, which is equivalent to $100 a week. They may also be charged more if they get it from someone else who is there of age buyer, because you have to be 18 years old or older to buy them.

Kids are killing their lungs and damaging their bodies. The effects of juuling are lung cancer, having trouble breathing, and headaches everyday. Juuls have only been around since 2003, so they don’t know the long-term effects on the body yet. Using juuls and other vaping products is not a proven method for quitting smoking.

Some users said, “It’s good for you, and it feels amazing.” One nonuser said, “It’s gross and pointless because you are only hurting yourself.”

Juuling is addicting and is hurting teenagers across America. Before picking up a juul, make sure you think twice about doing it and look up the effects before vaping.