Gorillas Crush Pirates

Gorillas Crush Pirates

Brynn Hylla, Journalist

The Gorillas traveled to Avon to take on the Pirates. The final score was 65-36. Tommy Determan had 28 points at the end of the game.

On the offensive side, the team was 25/59 for 42% from the field. The team was 12/14 for 86% from the free throw line, and the team was 3/10 for 30% from the three-point line. T. Determan’s 28 points were followed by Coy Determan’s 25. T. Determan and Bryan Eagle Star each had two offensive rebounds.

On the defensive side, the team had six steals, one block, and 22 rebounds. T. Determan had five defensive rebounds, and C. Determan and Grant Thomas had four.

The Gorillas will be traveling to Lyman to play the Raiders tomorrow. The JV will begin at 6:30, and varsity will follow.