What are the Fifth Graders Up To?

What are the Fifth Graders Up To?

Samantha Timanus, Journalist

Elementary school is a pleasant memory for most people, a time where everything seemed simple and straightforward, with art projects, recess, and the smell of hand sanitizers and Crayola crayons. The journalism class wanted to do an inside look on the Gregory Elementary School fifth grade class.

The fifth grade class is divided between two teachers, Mrs. Lundberg and Mr. King. The teachers encourage their students to read with the Tower of Books Challenge. Whenever a student finishes a book, the teacher writes his/her name on one of the books on the Tower of Books poster. At the end of each quarter, the students celebrate together with a movie party.

“The tower of books challenge is quite a bit of a competition. Last quarter we (Mrs. Lundberg’s half) were up by a lot on Mr. King’s class, and then they came back and beat us pretty well,” Lincoln Juracek said.

Most students were enthusiastic to talk about the different subjects they were learning. When asked what their favorite subject was, most kids said P.E., but some talked about their academics.

“My favorite thing were learning about is in science. We’re learning about the circulatory system,” Lincoln said.

“My favorite subject in class is D.E.A.R. because I like to read,” Ricky Bruns said.

“We were learning about echolocation in science and we did an experiment where we went outside and some of us were blindfolded. We went and said ‘echo,’ and they would respond by saying ‘location’—kind of like Marco Polo. We were using sound to navigate our way around,” Dani Timanus said.

“My favorite subject is math because it’s important in life,” said Madisan Graber, even though math was most fifth graders’ least favorite subject to study. The kids were also very excited about their class pets.

“We have a turtle named Sheldon and a fish named bear, but [the fish] can’t be around other fish because he’ll eat them,” Ryler Stevicks said.

Fifth graders are near the end of their elementary days, and they look forward to being middle schoolers. The students mentioned that they were excitedto have their own lockers and play sports in sixth grade. In sixth grade, the class will also get to elect class officers. There is a push from the students to have class officers in fifth grade as well.

“Fifth grade is preparing us for sixth grade, and we want to be prepared to have a class president. If we are allowed to have one, I would run with Ryler as my vice president and Lincoln would run with Eli as his vice president,” Dani said.

“We need a class president because we need a little more recess before science to get our energy out, and we need a little more study hall, so people can finish their work faster and do more reading,” Lincoln said.

The fifth graders are learning more every day and seemed to be having a lot of educational fun at school. Every day they get more independent and intelligent, guided by their wonderful teachers.