Gregory Band Competes in Festival of Bands


Samantha Timanus, Journalist

On Saturday, October 13 the Gregory High School Marching Band traveled to the Festival of Bands in Sioux Falls. It was the biggest competition the band has gone to in over six years. The Gregory Band competed against nine other teams in their division and ended up in six place, with a total score of 58.4. Beresford High School won first place with a total score of 68.0.

The bands were judged in six categories: music execution, percussion, color guard/auxiliary, visual general effect, music general effect, and visual performance.

In the music execution category, Gregory earned 125 points out of 200. 63 points were earned for musicality and 62 were earned for technique.

The Gregory percussion scored 62 out of 100 points. 32 points were earned for musicality/enhancement and 30 points were earned for technique.

The band’s color guard obtained 54 out of 100 points for repertoire (26 points) and showmanship (28 points).

In the visual general effect category, the band earned 110 out of 200 points, with 58 of those points coming from repertoire and the other 52 earned out of showmanship.

The music general effect of the band was ranked 115 out of 200. The band had 60 points for repertoire and 55 points for showmanship.

Gregory’s visual performance raked in 118 points out of 200. 58 points came from the accuracy/definition department and the other 60 were earned for technique.

Gregory earned 118 out of 200 points in the visual performance category. They had 58 points for accuracy/definition and 60 points for technique.

“Overall, I think the band performed very well. It was nice to go out there and compete against some bigger schools, and I had fun,” one anonymous player from the band said.

This concludes the band’s marching season for 2018. The band is now preparing for the winter concert; dates are to be announced in December.