Hooking Up with High School Sweethearts

Sierra Smith

With the season of spring upon us, some people would say love is in the air while others still celebrate Single Awareness Day.  With flowers blooming and the smell of fresh rain in the air, you wonder if all the couples are out buying flowers and running through the meadows together.  Okay, let’s get real, this is Gregory.  With all clichés behind, let’s see what all the high school sweethearts are up to.

Let’s cut to the chase and dive into the awkwardness of the high school couples, shall we?  Do you think they could see a future together? For a pretty blunt question, we received some pretty blunt answers.  A “yes”, “no”, we’ll even throw a “sure” in there.  But Mark Braun took the cake, “Yeah, totally called that.  Told my friend I was going to marry that girl.”

For being known as the high school sweethearts, you wonder what they were like before they were together.  For some, it wasn’t pretty.  “I used to hate him,” said Brandi Colford when speaking about boyfriend Zane Whitney.  That obviously changed.

With that in mind, something really must have drawn them to each other.  Personality seems to be the key for some of these couples, but let’s be honest.  They thought they were hot.  “Well, let’s just say she was a stone cold fox,” said Braun.

For the romantics out there, they would know the definition of a real date from a movie.  Do people even date anymore?  “Yes, we do.  Supper, actually we’re going away this weekend without the kid,” said Holly Whitney.  Isn’t that cute?

Then you have some who don’t get out too much.  “Every once in awhile, like once a month,” said Cody Kakfa.  And then there are the ones who haven’t been on the first date.  They must be taking it slow.

These couples are called the sweethearts for a reason, especially the ones who made it together through high school.  Some people would love to know how they manage to keep the spark going.  They know how to put up with each other and love being together.  Some of these lovebirds are practically the same person.  As said by Codi Horst and Whitney, communication is needed.

Overall, there’s still something we still need to know.  Who wears the pants in the relationship?  Whitney isn’t afraid to admit it isn’t her, “Clayton does.  My family would say me, but it’s Clayton.”

Most of them claimed it’s mutual.  “He has a pant leg, and I have a pant leg,” said Codi.  That’s a nice way to put it, but we all know it’s her.

All this honesty shows some of the true colors of high school sweethearts.  Marrying your sweetheart is a rarity of its own, but these students show it’s very possible.  Now, for the final question of the day, who was your Valentine?