Awareness Brought to Gregory and Burke Students

Shelby Harding

Two presenters, Byron Utter and Terry Stulken visited Gregory, yesterday April 24, to talk about some important topics. Both Gregory and Burke high school students arrived at the auditorium to hear a speech about bullying in the world today. The students heard about the shocking suicide rates from bullying, the effects, and how much of a problem it is in South Dakota.


All the students were brought back to the high school to attend 25 minute presentations about different topics. There were six topics, ranging from sugar consumption to suicide. Tulken and Utter gave information about sexual harassment and social media awareness. Dr. Houdeshell taught the students about proprioception; Tony Timanus gave a presentation about self defense, and Dr. Braun and Dr. Stukel showed how much sugar is hidden in different foods. CONNECT brought suicide awareness up and what we can do to help.


The students were very respectful and remained silent through the speeches and presentations. Afterwards, they were brought to the gym to play games and were dismissed 15 minutes early. The students were competing for lunch order, and today it will go junior, sophomore, senior, freshmen. Challenge Day was a day well spent, and the kids learned some new things. We hope to welcome new presenters next year as well.