Tans, Bands, and Lying in Flordia Sands

Kelsey Reber


           After a 36 hour ride to Orlando, Florida, GHS band and choir had the opportunity to lie on the beach the first day!  It was winter, so it wasn’t deadly hot, it was just perfect.  On Monday they also went to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop and Daytona Speedway, where Kyle Larson crashed into the catch fence and injured many people just a couple weeks before.

            The next day, they spent 12 hours in MagicKingdom. Yes, 12.  Everybody’s favorite ride in MagicKingdom was SpaceMountain.  It was an inside rollercoaster that went upside down, in circles, and down steep angles in the pitch dark.  On Wednesday they went to Hollywood Studios for a couple hours and then headed to Downtown Disney to perform band and choir songs that were practiced for a couple months.

            The band started off with its performance.  They played the songs “Red Baron,” “Great Locomotive Chase,” “Grand Gallop,” “Reflections” and “Shakleford” Banks.  The crowd cheered as they bowed.  Choir was next, the crowd sang along, stood up, and clapped along for the six songs.  Everyone received compliments from people around the world. On Thursday, they traveled to Epcot and spent 10 hours there.  One rollercoaster went 65 miles per hour.  At 9 p.m. Epcot hosted fireworks.

             On the last day there, they went to Universal Studios, where the best thrill rides awaited.  The Hulk was one of the rides that would drop your stomach as soon as you took off.  At 5 the band and choir kids met up at NASCAR Café to eat their last meal in Orlando.  They arrived back home around 1 a.m. on Sunday. The director, Mr. Jared Opp, and all of the band trip kids would like to thank the community for helping them raise money to go on the trip. 

Mr. Opp said, “I thought the music trip went really well as a whole.  The students exceeded expectations with their outstanding performances in band and choir.  We had great weather, a big crowd, and a perfect venue for our ‘magical performance.’  I think everyone had a great time, more importantly had a great performing experience performing in front of people from all around the world.”