School Board Meeting Held at Gregory School

Kristen Holmberg

On Monday, December 10, there was a school board meeting at Gregory High School. Scott Anshutz and Jason Bartling attended the meeting to discuss seating at the football field. They discussed adding more bleacher seating, adding backs to the existing ones or putting the cover on the track to allow spectators to stand in specified areas. Many people have pledged money for the seating. 

              Sara Klein talked about the girls’ basketball numbers and how we do not have enough to offer junior varsity games.  The 8th graders will be invited to practice with high school but a parent will have to give permission to participate.  Some members were concerned as to how this will impact the young girls who do not have the skills to play against freshmen, sophomores, and juniors of other towns. Some of the board members will meet with the Burke board and talk about what they have on their mind.  Sara asked the Athletic Director and an administrator attend the meeting when the other members go to Burke. 

               There are approximately 100 bottles of chemicals in the chemistry closet that need to be disposed of. The cost for these bottles of chemicals is $10,000.  A trained person will come and remove them on January 2 or 3.