“Ni Hao!” From China

Karessa Elsberry

        Joyce didn’t know what city or even state that she was going to be sent to. The application process is very long and tedious, to her surprise she was going to be sent to Gregory, South Dakota. Of all places!

         Hong Kong is bustling with millions of people, all shapes and sizes, but among all those people there’s Joyce, her older sister, and the rest of her family. “In my school, there are quite a few more people, 800 or so; you have to try out for sports teams and hope you make it, unlike here.” In her school she was on the badminton team. Now that she’s here, since we don’t offer badminton, she’s on the volleyball team.

          In Hong Kong there are quite a few major holidays they celebrate; like here, they celebrate Easter and Christmas. Joyce and her family also celebrate a couple more holidays as well such as, the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chung Yeung, and Chinese New Year. She elaborated a bit on Chinese New Year saying, “During this holiday we light fireworks, have a family gathering, and hand out red packets, which are handed from the married to the unmarried, they signify good luck.”

          Since being in theU.S., she has missed (aside from her family) the food in Hong Kong quite a bit. She says that unlike here they serve all kinds of food from all over the world, not just American food.

          Joyce has traveled to two other places,Japan and Thailand. When asked what country she has liked the best so far, she said she liked Japan, all while having a huge smile on her face.

          At the end of the 2012-2013 school year, she says that she will miss all of her friends, her host family, and even the teachers when she returns home.