Gorillas Defeat the Sioux

Gorillas Defeat the Sioux

Autumn Neiman

Last Thursday the Gregory Gorillas took the win over the Lower Brule Sioux.  The final score was 67-58.

            In the first quarter, the Sioux scored 16 points, leaving the Gorillas behind by 12.  In the second quarter, the Gorillas scored 15 more points, and the Sioux scored 9, bringing the score to 27-25, with the Gorillas in the lead.  In the third quarter, the boys scored 13 more points, and the Sioux scored 12 more points, taking the score to 40-37.  In the final quarter, the Gorillas scored 27 points, while the Sioux scored 21, leaving the final score at 67-58.

            The leading scorers for the game were Gavin Thomas and Mason Juracek, bringing in 12 points each.  Mitchel Klundt made 2-4 of the three-pointers he shot.  Sam Voigt made four free-throw shots. 

            Defensively, Cody Kafka had six rebounds.  Overall, Kafka and Andrew Taggart had the most rebounds, with eight each.  Robert Vomacka had five steals.  Thomas had the most turnovers and assists, four assists and eight turnovers. 

            The next game for the Gorillas will be tonight in LakeAndes starting at 5 p.m.