Gorillas Season Halted

Nash Winters

The semifinals game was the end of the Gorillas’ season. The Gorillas had a hard- fought game against Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan. Saturday’s final score was 30-8.

In the first quarter, the Gorillas put up a hard defense, but the Seahawks squirmed through the Gorillas and had their first touchdown. Then Jonah Bailey scored to put the Seahawks up 14-0. In the second quarter  Miller ran it in for another touchdown, and the two was made by Camen Myers. At the end of the second quarter the score was 22-0.  

The Gorillas scored in the third quarter. Andrew Taggart had a five yard catch from Kurt Braun for the first touchdown. For a two point conversion, Derek Stukel ran it in. The score was 22-8. In the last quarter the Seahawks scored again and made the two points. The ending score was 30-8 with the Seahawks ahead.

Jonah Beck had  12 tackles and two assists. Brandon Warnke had 10 tackles and five assists. Both fought hard to break through the line to make tackles. Brody Boes had a nice game to finish the season. He pushed hard and made two catches, one was for 11 yards, and the other one was for 15 yards. The Gorillas end this season with 7-1.