Cheer/Dance Team Travels to Dakota Valley

Jade Jones

On Saturday, October 12, the Gregory Cheer/Dance Team traveled to Dakota Valley for the first time after the band competition in Chamberlain.

 Beginning the day off with hip-hop, the girls received an average score and no deductions.  They are working on putting in more tricks and bigger transitions.  The judges gave some good comments about motion control and keeping up the hip-hop attitude.

The next routine that they performed was kick. Giving good comments, the judges mentioned sharpening motions, adding flexibility, higher kicks, and speeding up ripples.

 The last dance routine the girls performed was pom.  With the best performance of the night and one deduction, the girls did well.  With the judges comments the team will be working hard the next two weeks on sharpening motions and working on jumps for state.

 Performing two times, cheer was the last performance.  In the first round of cheer there was a one point deduction for a major step for recovery.  The judges gave good comments about sharpening the routine and working on leg strength.  During the second round the girls received a ten point deduction for falls from a stunt, a five point deduction for fall/land on body part, a three point deduction for touching hands down after a skill, and a one point deduction for obvious recovery, adding up to a 19 point deduction.

 The next competition will be state Friday, October 24th, at Rapid City Stevens High School starting at 5:00.