Gregory Cheer and Dance Teams Travel to Winner

Gregory Cheer and Dance Teams Travel to Winner

Jacey Feyereisen

On Friday, September 27, the competitive girls headed to Winner’s First Annual Competition.  They did well, considering the circumstance. Half the team had to come straight from the marching competition in Platte earlier that morning, which meant no warm-ups before performance.  Also they didn’t have everyone perform that day and had to improvise in cheer due to no signs.  But overall, the girls pulled it off and hit all their stunts.

In cheer, the team scored 112 points with no deductions. Receiving 3.5/5 all across the judges’ sheets, the girls were faced with having to change their routine once again.  Adding more, sharper motions, trying to figure out how to make the dance more intricate, hitting stronger, more difficult stunts, and cleaning up tumbling are all new goals for the team.

Sophomore Jade Jones said, “In practice, we’ve been working on lots of different stunts to improve our difficulty level.  The girls are all working hard considering we’re all ‘making up’ stunts as we go. After Tuesday’s practice, I felt we accomplished lots of positive things.”

The girls placed third behind Sturgis with 115.5, and Winner with 117.5.  Lyman came in fourth with 100 points.

In dance, the girls did well, even though the judge’ sheets didn’t agree.  In hip-hop, the girls scored 109 which put them in fourth.  In kick, they came in third with 132.5 closely behind second place who had 135.5 points.  Receiving 107 points in pom, they placed fourth.  Overall in dance, the girls placed fourth with an average of 116.17 points. DakotaValley won the dance category. Cleaning up/sharpening the dances is all the girls can really do moving forward.

The girls’ next competition is in DakotaValley on Saturday, October 12 at 4:00.