Gorillas Dominate Highlanders

Gorillas Dominate Highlanders

The Gregory Gorillas took another win against the Scotland Highlanders last Friday with a score of 46-6.   The Gorillas piled up a total of 379 yards with the Highlanders 12 yards.  Brandon Warnke again led the way with 15 tackles, one fumble recovery, seven tackles for loss, and two sacks.   

            Kurt Braun attained a total of 120 yards rushing that night. Starting the first quarter, Braun ran 25 yards for a touchdown with Derek Stukel making a two point conversion. This put the Gorillas in the lead 8-0.   Braun ran another 35 yards for another touchdown.  Mason Juracek received the ball from Braun for a touchdown making the score 20-0.

Entering the second quarter, Braun had an amazing interception and ran 63 yards to a touchdown, and Andrew Taggart made a two point conversion.

 In the fourth quarter, Jonah Beck scored the next touchdown in a six yard run.  Paul Taggart, with an 18 yard scramble, and Joseph Veskerna, with a 47 yard rumble, both scored their first touchdowns to end the night.

            Brandon Warnke led the defense with 15 tackles.  Following him was Braun with 7 tackles.  Beck summed up a total of 6 tackles. 

            The next game will be this Friday at Andes Central at 7:00 p.m.  Come cheer on the Gorillas!