Gorillas Slaughter Braves

Gorillas Slaughter Braves

nash winters

The Gorillas came out with a win that only took till half time at Mike Dacy Field on Friday night. The Gorillas slaughtered them 62-6. The Braves could not get past the 30 yard line the first quarter.

Gorillas had 28 points in the first 5 minutes of the game. Kurt Braun passed 2 times, 1 to Gavin Thomas for a 12 yard touchdown and 1 to Mason Juracek for 21 yards. Sean Kafka had the only punt for 31 yards and kick return in the game. The varsity was in for the first five minutes of the first quarter; then the JV came in to finish off the game.

Vomacka had 10 kick-offs to the Braves. Kafka led with 7 tackles and Triv Vosika had 6. Juracek caused 1 fumble and returned it for a 33 yard touchdown. Kafka intercepted the ball for a 20 yard touchdown. Thomas, Mitchel Klundt, and Brandon Warnke each had 1 interception in the game.

This Friday the Gorillas face the 3-1 South Central Cougars at 7:00 in Burke for the Cougars’ homecoming.


1st GHS Kurt Braun 32 yard run 8 to 0
     GHS Gavin Thomas 12 yards from Braun 16 to 0
     GHS Braun 4 yard dive 22 to 0
     GHS Sean Kafka 20 yard int. return 28 to 0
     GHS Kafka 20 yard jaunt 36 to 0
2nd GHS Vomacka 43 yard run 43 to 0
     GHS Mason Juracek 33 yard fumble return 49 to 0
     GHS Triv Vosika 6 yard scamper 55 to 0
     MHS Ryan Sheilds 53 yard from Darius Two Bull 55 to 6
     GHS Vomacka 38 yard option run 62 to 6