The Gorillas Come Back with a Win

The Gorillas Come Back with a Win

Veronica Jeffords and Sierra Smith, writers

 The Gregory Gorillas won against the Kimball-White Lake Wildcats on Friday with a score of 38-20. The Gorillas completed the night with a total of 423 yards and 55 plays. The Gorillas piled up 12 first downs and 183 rushing yards. Coach Allmendinger commented on a couple turning points of the game which were Sean Kafka’s 76 yard catch and Gavin Thomas’ catch for a touchdown for a score of 12-20 before the second half.

The Gorillas had a total of 12 first downs, 240 yards gained, and 3 kick returns. The Gorillas also had 2 fumble recoveries throughout the game. The recoveries were made by Sean Curtis and Derek Stukel. The Gorillas had a total of 183 rushing yards with Kurt Braun on top with 91; he also had a total of 240 passing yards.

            Defense was very aggressive with a total of 44 tackles with Brandon Warnke leading with 10 and Jonah Beck not too far behind with 8. Warnke also had 7 out of 16 assists. The Gorillas also had 7 kickoffs with a total of 272 yards.

            At the end of the first quarter the score was 14-0 with the Wildcats ahead. The Gorillas made 2 touchdowns making the score 20-12 at half-time. 14 more points were scored by the Gorillas to make the score 26-20 at the end of the third quarter. The game ended with the Gorillas having made 2 more touchdowns, finalizing the score to be 38-20.

Please come and support the Gorillas as they go against the Marty Braves on Friday for homecoming at 7:00.