New Coach Chelsea Jons Talks About Upcoming Season

Allison Sundquist

First year head coach Chelsea Jons talks about the upcoming season, being a first year head coach, and the nerves that go along with it. 


Chelseais married with one child on the way and works in restorative therapy for the Rosebud Nursing Home.


Chelseasaid she is really excited about the season ahead because it is her first time being head coach, and the girls have been working really hard.  When asked about her goals and expectations about the season, she said she has high goals for the team even though they are young and inexperienced because hard work and good attitudes can take the team far.  Chelsea said being a first year head coach is exciting but also makes her nervous at the same time, but she has been around basketball most of her life with starting all four years in high school and playing in college, but never from the coaching end.


Chelseaalso mentioned having a young and inexperienced team can help them because it’s easier to teach something to someone who doesn’t already have a different way stuck in their head.  It also makes them have to work harder.


Right now the team consists of fifteen girls: two seniors, seven juniors, two sophomores, and four freshmen.


The Lady Gorilla’s next game is against the Avon Pirates at 7:00 p.m. at the Gregory Memorial Auditorium on December 7.