Gorilla vs Scotland


            Gorillas came up with a win against Scotlandon Friday the 6th with a score of 58-6. The Gorillas came up with 19 first downs againstScotland 10 first downs. Gorillas did seven completions out of there thirteen passes; they also gained 143 yards with four touchdowns passes. The number of rushes for Gregory was 23 andScotland 41 but Gregory gained 449 yards as forScotland came up with 268 yards gained. For the total plays made for Gregory was 36 and forScotland was 46, total yards for Gregory was 587 yards againstScotland 250 yards in the game. Gregory punt the ball once butScotland punt it five times which gave Gregory three punt returns and gained 40 yards all together. Gregory had 8 kickoffs with only two fumbles, but yet lost the ball once.

              For Gorillas rushing Jaden Bartling had 11 with a total of 269 yards and made 2 touchdowns and 9 first downs. Jonah beck with 3 rushes and 100 yards also made 2 touchdowns with one first down. Paul Taggart also 3 rushes with 30 yards came up with one first down, for Kurt Braun with 2 with 21 yards also came up with a first down. Brody Boes one rushing with 13 yards and a first down, Brandon Warnke one rush with 9 yards and Derek Stukel 2 rushes with 8 yards. The number of rushes total is 23 with a total of 444 yards and 13 first downs as for four touchdowns.

                 For the gorillas receiving stats Andrew Taggart with two receptions gaining 51 yards and two first downs. Derek Stukel with two receptions coming up with 50 yards and two first downs. Jonah beck had one reception gaining five yards and scoring a touchdown and so as Gavin Thomas with one reception with five yard scoring a touchdown.

        During the game againstScotlandthere were individual records broken in football. 444 yards rushing in a game breaks the old mark of 416 set in 2007 also 587 total passing and receiving yards breaks the record of 514 also set in 2007. Jaden Bartling broke the record of most yards rushing in a game with 268 that breaks Bo Bear shields mark of 231 in 2007. Jonah beck run of 93 yards breaks the previous run of 85 set by Mat Braun in 2008. Andrew taggart now is tied with Luke Whalen and Mat Braun for the most TD receptions in a season with 6. Jaden Bartling also broke Alex Chocholouseks season passing yards record of 751 yards set in 2006 by throwing for a total of 860 yards. Jaden also passed Alex Coke’s total touchdowns in a season of 12 by now having 14 with the 4 he threw againstScotland.